My Twos Union Puzzle Game

Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on the web:

Join the Alphabets and get to the K to Win

Swipe to move all tiles. When two tiles with the same Symbol touch, they merge into one.

Get to the K tile, and reach a high score!

Select different themes from settings

This can be Download  at:










Accessing Contacts in iOS 6

One out of five apps in the  app store access the phone contacts with out the knowledge of user. In iOS 6, the door has been slammed, requiring apps to get explicit user permission before accessing your personal information. In iOS 6, the system now protects Calendars, Reminders, Contacts, and Photos as part of Apple’s data isolation privacy initiative. Users will see access dialogs when an app tries to access any of those data types. The user can switch access on and off in Settings > Privacy. There are changes to the  Address Book framework to help developers with this feature. In this post i am  going to explain the changes needs to be done in order to support  iOS 6. We have ABAddressBookGetAuthorizationStatus(); external method in iOS 6 which returns the ABAuthorizationStatus of type enum The enum has four values

  •   kABAuthorizationStatusNotDetermined
  •   kABAuthorizationStatusRestricted
  •  kABAuthorizationStatusDenied
  •  kABAuthorizationStatusAuthorized

My code snippet will work with iOS 6 prior to iOS also.

you need to implement createPersonRecord() and return the AbRecordRef – It should have all the information about the contact to be added.


Using Custom Fonts in iOS Application

  1. Add the custom font file into your project
  2. Open your applications info.plist found in the Resources group.
  3. Cammand-click on any of the properties and select New
  4. Add Fonts provided by application or  UIAppFonts key and change the type to array.
  5. Expand the resource just created by clicking the triangle button on the left of the description
  6. Enter custom font file (including extension)  in the Value column.
  7. Click + symbol on the item 0 to add more fonts.
  8. Open your Custom font in Font Book. FontName will be display in topbar.


Please note FontName should be used in coding, dont use file name in coding. FontName and file name are different. eg.) [UIFont fontWithName:@”Futura HV BT” size:20.0f];

iOS static libraries without using header files

We use static libraries in our  IOS Project.  To use the Static library,

    1.  Header files should be added in the project which uses it and
    2. binary version (.a file) should be added into the project.

Whenever there is a new addition of file(s) in static library, that header files need to be added in all the projects which are using the static library

We have more than eighty applications which uses our own static library.

Whenever I write a new file in the static library, I need to add that header file as reference to our eighty apps. Each application has to be checked out from sub version, then header files have to be added and has to commit the modifications.  There won’t be a worst punishment for a developer than following the above process.

Finally I figured out a solution

This can be implemented in your project which uses static library to
eliminate the process of adding header files in all the projects.

Select Target->Build Settings

1. Set Always Search User Paths to YES

2. Set  the Absolute Path of the library in  User  Header Search Paths  and Check Recursive check box.

For eg: We have the following static libraries  under “/Source/iphoneapp/libs”

Connection, Utils, Themes and  SocialNetwork

I have two methods to resolve this

Method 1:

/Source/iphoneapp/libs”  in User  Header Search Paths and Check

Recursive Check box

Method 2:

eg.) Connection header files  are under


Utils  header files  are under   “/Source/iphoneapp/libs/Utils/Utils”

Themes  header files are under “/Source/iphoneapp/libs/Themes/Themes” and

SocialNetwork  header files are  under


The following should be added in “User Header Search Pathswithout

checking the recursive check box.





Some times, one static library needs to be used by some other static

library, where  these methods can be used.

I hope this will be very useful for developers who are following  trunk,

branches and tags subversion process.

Note: Value of User Header Search Paths should not contain any blank spaces